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Yes, You May Need Therapy To Get Over Your Ex

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

Breakups are never easy, but some are harder to get over than others. Whether you thought they were your true love, or you had to get out of an abusive situation, there are several reasons why you may need therapy to get over your ex. Here we talk about how to get you back to your awesome self!

Therapy Benefits

Seeking therapy after a breakup is a fantastic way to get your questions answered about how to get back the life you deserve. Some of the benefits include:

A Neutral Approach

As much as we appreciate our friends during a breakup, you can only hear “You deserve better!” so many times.

Having an awesome support system during this challenging time is crucial to recovery but often that needs to include therapy. You can openly explore your feelings while they provide you with advice and skills that your friends and family may not be able to offer. We often disguise our feelings with our loved ones, but therapy provides a level of neutrality that can make it easier to get over your ex.

Manage Stress & Anxiety

A lousy breakup often leads to feelings of stress and anxiety that can make living your best life difficult. Learning to live life without your ex leads to sadness, anger, and confusion. Working with a breakup recovery expert can help teach you the skills to battle these emotions, fight depression, and even increase your self-esteem and self-love.

Find Yourself

Yes, it sounds cliché, but often a rough breakup leaves us questioning who we are and if we were true to ourselves.

Often relationships lead to a melding of personalities and goals where we compromise our true selves to better reflect our partner. Therapy gets you to work through these identity issues and helps you discover your real goals for yourself and life.

Manage Your Pain

During a breakup, it is often easy to develop unhealthy coping mechanisms such as binge drinking or staying in bed to deal with the pain. Partying is not a safe or effective way to get over your ex and can lead to problems such as illness or addiction issues.

Instead of distracting yourself from the pain, it is vital to confront the breakup head-on. Therapy is a terrific way to discover healthy coping mechanisms to not only get over your ex, but to also learn to focus on yourself.

Preparing For New Relationships

You may not be up to starting a new relationship quite yet, but visiting a therapist allows you to discover patterns in your past relationships to figure out how to establish a healthy and lasting relationship instead.

Processing your feelings and emotions will enable you to recognize emotions and fears you may have never addressed. Your therapist can help to reiterate the reasons your relationship didn’t work, which allows you to avoid those habits and change your behaviors going into future relationships.

The P.S. Love Yourself Approach

Healing from a breakup is all about self-discovery and P.S. Love Yourself is ready to help you heal. Our unique four-step formula helps to get you on the right path after a breakup. We offer two unique programs to better suit our clients.

P.S. Love Yourself Signature Program

This program is for those who find it difficult to return to normal life after a breakup. For 12 weeks, we learn how to cope with your emotions while practicing skills such as establishing healthy boundaries and discovering your attachment style.

P.S. Love Yourself Exclusive Program

This program is for those who find it difficult to work through the lasting pain of a breakup. For 20 weeks, we delve into past traumas to learn the skills to work through anxiety and depression to live the life you deserve.If you are ready to take the first step of gaining your life back, getting over your ex, and most importantly, loving yourself, take our P.S. Love Yourself Quiz today to discover the right program for you!

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