Why P.S. Love Yourself?

“People try to create an outwardly perfect life, but the quality of life is based on the inward” – Sadhguru

Relationships can be both rewarding and challenging at times. You’ll come across many different people throughout your lifetime, experiencing different encounters and forming relationships at every turn. Yet the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself, and self-love is the secret ingredient that keeps this relationship fulfilled, and your mental wellbeing healthy. ​​​​​​

Whether you’re going through a joyful season or a dark time, whether you’ve recently lost an intimate connection through a breakup or struggling with value in work. Self-love can help get you through. ​​​​​​

The programs offered by P.S. Love Yourself follow psychotherapy practices that promote, teach, and live the principles of self-love. In turn, this boosts mental health in a sustainable and beautiful way.

How Can Mental Health Counseling with P.S. Love Yourself Help?

When you feel as though your world is spiraling out of control, counseling can help put you back on your feet. Also known as talk therapy, counseling can help build your self-esteem and repair any hurt or doubt that you may be feeling.

The psychotherapy at P.S. Love Yourself covers a broad base of areas that impact mental health. These are just a few.

Breaking up with a partner can introduce a lot of stress, making the experience a very difficult transition to make. Counseling can help manage the uncoupling, gain a neutral perspective, and begin the healing process.

A professional counselor will provide a safe environment and support to work through difficult questions and emotions. These steps are important to move forward as a confident individual.

The process will also help you learn more about yourself, how you respond to certain stresses, and how to best manage these moments. After breaking off emotional, physical, and mental ties with someone, it’s easy to start doubting yourself or returning to a relationship that could possibly be toxic.

A Personal Journey Of Self Love through Mental Health Counseling


While learning to decouple yourself from another, you begin to rediscover a unique sort of love – self-love. This is essential in discovering who you are, and better understand where you want to go in life.

There are different forms of anxiety that manifest in different ways. Psychotherapy and talking to a therapist will help give you the correct techniques to deal with anxiety. You’ll also learn to better understand your thoughts and experiences that contribute to an anxiety disorder.

It’s not unusual to experience deep feelings of loneliness and lack of purpose during various seasons in life. Such as when you disconnect from a key person in your life, struggle financially, or simply struggle to overcome a trauma.

P.S Love Yourself offers therapeutic and holistic approaches to dealing with depression, getting to the roots of your feelings, and developing coping mechanisms.

The programs offered by P.S. Love Yourself are designed from a place of love and nurture to help you reconnect with yourself and discover the existing confidence that dwells within all of us.

The Foundations Of Mental Health Counseling

Why complicate the simple things in life? ​​​​​​​

When you are working through the heartache of breaking up with someone or struggling with self-esteem and mental health challenges, it can be a challenge to find the confidence to love yourself. P.S Love Yourself helps to unearth this self-love through a simple process. ​​​​​​​

Self-love involves a few basic steps, including: ​​​​​​​

  • Taking time for yourself and acknowledging your feelings
  • Setting boundaries and learn to say “no” to people and activities that don’t serve you
  • Forgiving yourself and practice being less hard on yourself
  • Living intentionally, following a path that leaves you feeling fulfilled

Learn to denounce the lies that we tell ourselves and replace this energy with empowering words of self-love. Are you wondering if this is possible? We will love you until you are able to love yourself. ​​​​​​​

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Mental Health Counseling in South Florida 

It’s important to choose a counselor that approaches mental health counseling with compassion and understanding. Priya D’Singh has six years of experience in helping people work through tremendous pain and suffering to discover authentic self-love. ​​​​​​By teaching love through practice, our intention is to heal humanity and restore forgotten dreams. It’s time to take loving ownership of your life once again.


"God was so good to me when he sent you. Thank you so much for everything."
"I was hopeless about getting my identity back. Thank you so much for helping me find myself. You are so precious to me and will never know how much you've helped me. You saved me. I will always be grateful."
"I've been to over 20 therapists but you were the only one who helped me. Thank you for helping me save my life and my relationship with my family".
"I was a zombie before I started therapy. I've been beaten, raped and abused. Drugs and alcohol kept me alive but I couldn't live that way anymore. I didn't think anyone could help me. You did more than help me Priya, you reminded me that I'm alive and gave me permission to heal and love myself. When I couldn't love myself you loved me and never gave up on me. You were soft and stern when I needed it. I never thought I could move on and heal from the trauma that happened. Thank you for everything, I'll never forget you."
"Therapy with you was life changing and healing. You are an awesome therapist who has been blessed with the gift of healing and therapy."
"I've been to 30 to 40 different therapists and you were the only one who had an impact on my life. You helped me learn a lot about myself and we did a lot of great work together. I appreciate everything you've done for me".