Why P.S. Love Yourself?

“People try to create an outwardly perfect life, but the quality of life is based on the inward” 

– Sadhguru

  P.S Love Yourself is all about YOU. Welcome to your personal journey of self discovery. Having worked as a therapist for over six years, I have seen tremendous pain and suffering but also something incredible. I have seen miracles happen. And all of these miracles have one ingredient in common. What’s that? SELF LOVE. Self love is essential to discovering who you are in order to understand where you want to go. 

   At P.S. Love Yourself we believe in keeping things simple. Can you relate to believing that you complicate simple things? Having worked in the substance use field for quite a while, there were so many sayings, the one that I’m thinking of is “AA is a simple program for complicated people”. But I REFUSE to believe this. I often hear people identify as a title “complicated”, “broken”, “a victim”, “an addict” and so many others. Often I would tell my clients this is not who you are and when you learn how to love yourself you will see who you truly are. But for the mean time, I will love you until you are able to love yourself.

  The vision at P.S. Love Yourself is this, we love you until you are able to love yourself. At P.S. Love Yourself it is our intention to teach love, heal humanity and restore forgotten dreams. This is your story and it is just the beginning. 



"God was so good to me when he sent you. Thank you so much for everything."
"I was hopeless about getting my identity back. Thank you so much for helping me find myself. You are so precious to me and will never know how much you've helped me. You saved me. I will always be grateful."
"I've been to over 20 therapists but you were the only one who helped me. Thank you for helping me save my life and my relationship with my family".
"I was a zombie before I started therapy. I've been beaten, raped and abused. Drugs and alcohol kept me alive but I couldn't live that way anymore. I didn't think anyone could help me. You did more than help me Priya, you reminded me that I'm alive and gave me permission to heal and love myself. When I couldn't love myself you loved me and never gave up on me. You were soft and stern when I needed it. I never thought I could move on and heal from the trauma that happened. Thank you for everything, I'll never forget you."
"Therapy with you was life changing and healing. You are an awesome therapist who has been blessed with the gift of healing and therapy."
"I've been to 30 to 40 different therapists and you were the only one who had an impact on my life. You helped me learn a lot about myself and we did a lot of great work together. I appreciate everything you've done for me".

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